Clear and comprehensive estimates of anticipated legal costs


Fees can be determined according to several different methods :

  • Hourly-rate basis: Maître Patrick Deudon’s hourly rate is €250, excluding French VAT, or €300  inclusive of VAT.
  • Flat-fee basis : a flat fee can be agreed prior to the start of any legal work.
  • Results-based fees: French law forbids lawyers to be paid only on a results-based fee basis.

In each case, clients will receive a full quotation in writing.

Maître Deudon can in some instances propose a fee which comprises a fixed fee combined with a variable component that is based on the specified outcome.

  • Where ongoing and regular legal advice is required over a period of time, a monthly fee can also be discussed.  This method has the significant advantage to the client that legal costs are known in advance, and advice may be sought at any time at no additional cost.