As an Irish native, Patrick Deudon can help his anglophone
clients with any legal issues they may encounter.


Living in a foreign country can be an exciting and enriching adventure.

However, for Anglophone expatriates, just as for locals, living and working in France, establishing a company here, or purchasing or selling real estate can also inevitably raise certain legal questions which need to be addressed.  In such circumstances, it is a great advantage to be able to call upon an experienced and English-speaking legal professional.

Such legal matters are complicated enough in one’s own language and legal system, so engaging someone able to explain French legal matters in English is essential, and can save clients a great deal of time and expense, quite apart from the potential stress involved.

As well as providing the necessary French legal expertise, I am able to secure  advice, where necessary, in other professional fields.  I work regularly with a strong network of English-speaking notaries, accountants and other qualified professionals.

My main office is located in the centre of Antibes. Meetings can also be arranged at clients’ offices, or at any alternative location that might be more convenient for them. In certain circumstances, video conferencing is also a possibility. I can be contacted at any time of the day on my mobile phone.